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Wall Street Insane! EP06: Scam and Fraud on Wall Street!

Episode Summary

Episode Six of Wall Street Insane! We talked about the craziest pitch that we heard, and a fund that we managed almost got scammed out of more than 10 million dollars!

Episode Notes

You can't believe some of the pitches that we heard during our hedge fund days!  One of the funds that we managed almost got scammed out of 10's of millions of dollars! Also, do you think a hedge fund for crypto is possible?

In this episode, Dan, Omid, and I talked about the craziest pitches we have heard, what it's like investing privately, and Omid's origin story into the crypto world after he quit!

This will be the last episode of the Wall Street Insane, however, we will do another series on all the crazy stories like these!

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