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What really caused the Inflation and the use cases of cryptocurrencies with Tascha

Episode Summary

EP878: A must-listen episode, where Tascha, a macroeconomist and technology investor, joined me and discuss what triggered the inflation, and the use cases for Cryptocurrencies!

Episode Notes

Tascha, a macroeconomist and technology investor gave a great explanation of the outlook of the economy right now. She gave a bird's eye view of what caused the inflation and the "mild" recession, how long will that last, and what was her prediction for the future. 

On top of that, she explains web3 infrastructure to me, and breakdown how could crypto tokens and NFTs could be utilized, and she also breaks down some of the use cases for cryptocurrencies as well.

If the episode (830) with Omid Malekan, educates you on what actually are cryptocurrencies, this episode with Tascha will be the one that educates you on the future and outlook of cryptocurrencies from a macroeconomist point-of-view.

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