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Julia Cameron gave me permission to Skip The Line (Re-Release)

Episode Summary

Now more than ever, we need Julia Cameron in our lives, and in this episode, we talked about the morning pages, The Artist way, and the 10,000 hours rule. Conversation with Julia also led to me writing Skip The Line and creating

Episode Notes

What is going on with the world in the past 3 years, especially the past few weeks? There is news about inflation, the economy, and reports of big tech companies planning to lay off their employees.

With the uncertainties looming, we need something to take our minds off the news and calm our anxiety. 

I remember the podcast that I did with Julia Cameron, an American teacher, artist, poet, playwright, novelist, filmmaker, composer, journalist, and most of all, the author of "The Artist Way".

In the episode, Julia talked about her morning pages, we discussed the 10,000 hours rules, and how can we use all the practices to help our creativity juice flow. Eventually, the episode led me into writing, Skip The Line, and then created the idea list website,

Listen to the episode, I hope the conversation with Julia in this episode helps you as it helped me.

If you want to see an example of what Notepd's list looks like, check out my post here:

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